How To Pass A Drug Test

One of the worlds leading female tennis players was provisionally banned from taking part in competitions in early 2016, after urine tests no doping abstract conceptproved that she had been taking meldonuim, a drug which was included in the list of banned drugs on the first of January, 2016. The agency implementing the ban was lenient on her, as she had been taking this heart disease drug since 2006 when it was not on the list of banned drugs. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as the number of positive test results by the world anti-doping agency (WADA), an organization that monitors, coordinates, and promotes the fight against doping in sports at the international level, is increasing rapidly. Thanks to the easy availability of performance enhancing drugs on online stores, more and more sports-persons purchase and use those drugs to gain an advantage over their competitors in both national and international sports events. Online stores selling these drugs claim that the remnants of those drugs fade away from the body of the user in a couple of weeks once they stop taking the drugs. However, this is a false statement as traces of some of those drugs remains in the system for a long time, and it is easy to determine their presence in the body by testing an individual’s sweat, saliva, hair, blood, and urine. WADA typically prefers the urine test as it provides the best results and is cheaper than other types of tests. However, they also depend on the hair follicle test as drugs remain in the hair follicle for as long as three months.

WADA can ban you as well
You can rest assured that WADA will ban you from taking part in competitive sporting events once they detect traces of banned drugs in your urine or hair. Not only does this stop you from participating in sporting events, it tarnishes your image too. Taking performance boosting drugs and participating in events such as the relay race, where a group of individuals passes on the baton from one participant to the other, disqualifies the other members of your group even if they have not taken any drugs. This is exactly what happened to Usain Bolt, the famous Jamaican athlete who holds the world record for 100 meter, 200 meter, and 4 x 100 meter relay. The Olympic authorities revoked his gold medal for the 4 x 100 meter relay event after Nesta Carter, one of his teammates, tested positive for drugs. Carter tested positive during a reanalysis of his blood and urine samples collected during the Beijing Olympics. On a typical basis, detection periods of drug tests in saliva and blood prove positive if the samples are taken within 12 hours of use. This period increases to five days in case of a urine test, and up to 90 days in case of the hair test. This means that chances of you testing negative in drug tests are extremely rare if the authorities decide to employ the hair follicle test. Does this mean that you cannot take part in sports? The good news is that you can remove traces of drugs completely from your hair by using Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo. For best results, you should start using this shampoo at least 10 days before the doping test. Apply this shampoo and rub it on the scalp too to remove all traces of drugs completely. This shampoo contains Aloe Rid, famous for its effectiveness in removing toxins and traces of drugs.

Synthetic Urine – Pass Your Drug Test
Although most drugs do not show up on urine tests after five days, some of them remain in the system for a longer period. Although you can downloaddepend on Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo for cleansing traces of drugs from your hair, it is literally impossible to remove them from within your body. This means that you will test positive for drugs if the anti-doping agency tests samples of your urine. You can avert this problem with the help of synthetic urine. Remember, officials of WADA do not stand beside you while you discharge urine in the container provided by them. You can use this opportunity to put synthetic urine in the container, effectively avoiding being detected for drug abuse. Search online, you will find many stores selling different brands of synthetic urine. However, you should check the credentials of the different brands available and purchase one that has a flawless track record. Remember, the drug analysts of WADA also check the temperature of the urine immediately after you have given the sample to them. Therefore, the synthetic urine should have the same temperature as that of normal pee and should contain a combination of uric acid and urea. The temperature of the best brand increases between 98°F to 102°F when you pour it in the vial, which is included as a part of the kit. To sum it up, you should realize that the best synthetic urine kit is the best practical method to pass a drug test.

The best online site
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